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Tel: 01492 338505
Mob: 07486 024405

Opening Hours

Monday - Friday 9am - 5pm

Saturday - 9:30am - 5pm

Sunday - 10:00am - 3pm

Adhesives, Abrasives & Fillers

Yacht Chandlers stock a selection of marine grade products for use on GRP, plastic, wood, metal & ceramic. From wet & dry paper to sikaflex, we have a range of products to suit every need. Epoxies are not always the permanent solution for exterior boat repairs; however they are very useful for running repairs and can be a real godsend when things go wrong. Their strength, gap-filling properties and superb adhesion to a multitude of materials mean that modern marine epoxy products are more reliable than ever. Boat epoxy and adhesive is not only useful for quick repairs but also for general building projects and other boat maintenance tasks. All-purpose marine adhesive sealants and fillers are ideal for creating tight seals between different surfaces, as they provide great adhesion to a range of materials such as wood, fibreglass, plastics and metals.