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Boat Covers - Quality

Boat Covers - Quality

Yacht Chandlers uses only the best manufacturers and suppliers of boat covers. Our goal is to supply our customers with genuine products made by the manufacturers who supply Jeanneau, Beneteau, Bavaria, Sunseeker and many more. Attention to detail and quality is very important to us, we want to ensure all our customers that the quality and look of their covers will exceed their expectations.

With over 35 years of trading experience and the collaboration of other major boat building companies, close feedback and attention to customers' views, Yacht Chandlers manufacturer has captured the requirements and expectations of the end user. Using this information our suppliers have a combined catalogue of over 6500 boat models, therefore we should be able to supply you with an original boat cover.
Quality is paramount

Quality is paramount

Our continuous quality policy is based on our supplier's recognised mastery of traditional crafts - sewing, upholstery, metalwork and industrial processes. Yacht Chandlers suppliers are recognised by major manufactures, working directly with companies such as Jeanneau, Bavaria, Beneteau, Hanse, Sunseeker and many more. To our suppliers, the resistance of heavy-duty materials, lasting quality and resilience to any climate are of the upmost importance.
Material Diversity

Material Diversity

Yacht Chandlers can now supply you with a full range of boat covers including spray hoods, cockpit covers, seat covers, helm covers and more. Yacht Chandlers are aware that the variety of boating practices that are available can greatly affect the material on board your vessel. Whether it be the climate, long distant voyages or uncompromising sport activities, the materials that we supply will last the test of time maintaining its quality. For our customised products, we do our best to provide you with the most efficient materials and the widest choice of colours to match your boat.
Mooring Protection - Sailing Boat Table Cover

Mooring Protection - Sailing Boat Table Cover

Yacht Chandlers can now supply you with covers for your cockpit table. Covers are primarily designed to protect teak tables and electronic instruments from the external environment such as UV rays and salt damage. There are different varieties available from short mooring usage or long periods without use, e.g. over the winter.
By providing details such as boat model and hull number Yacht Chandlers can ensure that an exact fit will be made to your cockpit table unit. Covers supplied by Yacht Chandlers have an integrated zip at the end of each cover for easy installation. Attachments such as fasteners, buttons and elastic cords for the covers vary depending to the shape of the table unit.

Mooring Protection-Cruiser Wheel Cover Option 1

Mooring Protection-Cruiser Wheel Cover Option 1

Boat helm wheel covers are available from Yacht Chandlers for 39 to 49 foot boats. Options for short term mooring covers to long term are also available. These covers are primarily designed to protect your boat's wheel(s) from any deterioration that can be caused by the marine environment.
All cruising wheel covers are made to measure depending on the information provided (boat model and hull number). Additional options are available such as the choice to have the material leather lined or for single or twin helm stations.
If needed, the wheel cover can have a zip integrated into the design for quick and easy fastening. The cover is constructed from a durable material that is easy to store and is long lasting.

Mooring Protection - Cruiser Wheel Cover Option 2

These boat helm wheel covers protect both the wheel and the hub. This option is not suitable for wheels with an autopilot or for dual hubs. It is also not suitable for wheels with a hub diameter greater than 12cm.

Mooring Protection - Boat Winch Cover

Mooring Protection - Boat Winch Cover
Winch cover protectors range from 75mm diameter up to 100mm in Height. Yacht Chandlers can supply you with a vast range of winch cover sizes. If your winch isn't a standard size or not originally fitted with the boat, send us your sizes (widest width and height of the winch) and we will provide a quote for custom made covers. The winch covers are durable, weather resistant and extremely easy to fit and remove. The winch covers will protect the detailing of your winches from UV damage and salt damage; this will in time maintain the performance of your winches.

Protection Boat Covers - Sailboat Spray Hood

Protection Boat Covers - Sailboat Spray Hood
Spray Hoods are designed to protect the companionway, side seats and the front of the cockpit area from sea spray. This protection allows for saver manoeuvring, handling of the winches as well as the passage of equipment and halyards.
The average height of the spray hoods supplied is 1.80 metres (subject to boom height).

Spray hood boat covers are great for families, protecting children from the wind and other elemental obstructions. The sprayhood cover has integrated cockpit windows and can be used when navigating for better forward visibility in incoming wind and rain, allowing the yacht master to manoeuvre the boat safely.

Protection Boat Covers - Sailboat Sray Hood Options

The spray hood is available in two options. With cover and frame or with cover only depending on your preference.
Depending on the cockpit volume, frames can be constructed with 2 or 3 arches. Frames are constructed from 316L stainless steel, ensuring that the frame will not degrade and last in the marine environment.
The diameter of the tubes is 25mm with fabric fixed on the roof by an anodised aluminium rail and metal pressure rivets per the roof configuration. The cover also features side windows and a roll-up front, an integrated stainless steel handrail and strap tensioning!

Protection Boat Covers - Spray Hood Handles

For the cruising spray hood, 2 flexible side hand grips can be attached. These handles are intended for comfort and not safety, at no point should any of these handles be used to attach lifelines or harnesses. They are very handy to use as gripping points for moving around the cockpit area to the deck in port or when navigating.
They are constructed out of fabric; this allows the cover to be easily folded down tidily and reduces any risk of snagging.
The fabric is Elastomer fabric with internal stiffeners for optimal handling. Polyester straps with metal hoops are fixed onto the hood arches. The handles and straps are black in colour.

Protection Boat Covers - Sailboat Bimini Top

Protection Boat Covers - Sailboat Bimini Top
For optimised sun protection, Yacht Chandlers can now supply you with a full Bimini top cover with two options.
A complete 316L stainless steel frame and Bimini top cover or alternatively we can supply you the Bimini top cover just on its own.
The average height under the Bimini top is 1.90m but this is subject to boom height. Coverage is roughly 10m? depending on the model and manufacturer of your boat.
Frame assemblies are available in two options depending on your boat size and model; a 2-arch design weighing up to 20Kg, a 2+1 arch design weighing up to 35Kg.
2 or 3 +1 arches are available depending on the size of the cover:
The frame consists of a 316L stainless steel articulated structure and the tube have a 28mm diameter.
Attaches to the deck with collars on handrail for 2 arch configurations, folds down on standing rigging if 2 arches.
Fabric tension per configuration: straps on the handrail for 2 arches + drawstrings on standing rigging, 25mm polyester tension strap, polyacetal buckle and stainless steel snap hook, zipped sleeve for holding the fabric to the structure, 1 window on top for viewing the rigging with zipped curtain, aesthetic reinforcement on front and rear of fabric.

Protection Boat Covers - Sailing Bimini Top 2

The Biminitop cover is great for family cruising boats, especially when children and adults are very sensitive to the sun.
The Biminitop cover provides shade in the cockpit area without sacrificing space thanks to the position of the 316L rated stays.
The design also allows you to easily fold down the Biminitop with minimal effort to open up the cockpit space to the elements. All our suppliers' boat covers are compatible with each other, if later you require side panels to create a rear cockpit enclosure, parts can easily be supplied and fastened to the Biminitop frame.

Protection Boat Covers - Bimini Top for Multihull Boats

Protection Boat Covers - Bimini Top for Multihull Boats

Yacht Chandlers also supplies boat covers for Multi Hull Boats. They are designed using a welded stainless steel structure, base repeated on the Flybridge.
It has a rigging viewing window with blackout curtains.
The Designs will change depending on the size and model of you boat so you must provide your hull number and boat model so we can ensure that covers will fit.
The Bimini top is designed to create a shaded area on deck which improves comfort on warmer days, ideal for navigating in hot southern climates.

Protection Boat Covers - Bimini Top Cover for Flybridge

Protection Boat Covers - Bimini Top Cover for Flybridge

In addition to the two other variations of sailing boat Bimini top covers, Yacht Chandlers can also supply you with Bimini top covers for the Flybridge area on your yacht.
The frame is constructed from a stainless steel 30mm tubular structure welded above the helm by articulated plates.
It has 1 front window with blackout curtains for viewing the rigging. The design will vary depending on your boat size and model.
These Bimini top covers are great in coastal navigation located in Southern Europe, can be used during navigation.

Protection Boat Covers - Rear Handrail Bimini Top

Protection Boat Covers - Rear Handrail Bimini Top

The rear handrail Bimini top is available for single and multihull boats.
This short sun protector is designed to help protect the helmsman and other helm stations from exposure to the sun.
It is ideal for the use on racing boats because of minimal drag and hassle free manoeuvres. Also, the passage of halyards is not obstructed by any material.
It is easily folded and unfolded and has wide slits for moving pulleys up and across depending on the adjustment.
The frame consists of 2 arches made from 316L stainless steel with an articulated structure. The tube diameter is 30mm. It is fixed by collars to the handrail and folds down onto standing rigging.
Fabric tensioned by 4 straps on chain plates, 25mm polyester tension strap, Polyacetal buckle and stainless steel snap hooks, protective cover in folded position.

Boat Interior - Curtains

Curtains offer comfort for the occupant as-well as protection for the windows; these are available in blackout material or a mesh filter.
Ideal for use in port, the curtains provide privacy and comfort. Options include: Blackout at night (Outdoor treated opaque), filters natural daylight (mesh), aeration quayside.

The curtains offer full fabric protection with trim finish & have a zip for easy removal.
Please note they do not roll-up.
Blackout curtains are made from acrylic or composite fabrics.
Mesh for daylight attenuation and shading for sensitive people whilst still allowing natural light and air through.

Boat Cushions - Optional Two Cushion Application

Boat Cushions - Optional Two Cushion Application

Provide comfort and protection of ideal dimensions for hassle-free adaptation.
A single sized cushion is approximately 45cm x 45cm x 5cm and dual cushion are around 90cm x 45 x 5cm.
The cushions comes in a box 15 x 60 x 50cm and weighs less than 1kg.
They are compact and lightweight and easily transported.
On the cockpit seats they provide enhanced comfort due to back support. On the lifelines, they offer real back support and unfolded to become an individual sun bed.
They are designed with a mesh underside for excellent water evacuation and aeration, closed-cell unsinkable foam, knot attachment and with a trim finish.

Boat Cushions - Cockpit Cushions

Boat Cushions - Cockpit Cushions

Comfort protection for two specific areas; side seats (each side of the table) and helm seats. The cushions are designed and tailored for each individual boat model.
Cockpit cushions are covered seats and can be easily stored in cockpit lockers or in the cabin. Whilst they are in use, they do not obstruct access to cockpit lockers. They are completely unsinkable with a mesh underside for perfect water evacuation and good aeration. They feature removable covers for easy cleaning.
The seats, back rests and edges are covered with treated acrylic fabric and the underside in contact with boat is made of mesh.
The seats attach to the boat using 25mm polyester straps inserted in braces which are screwed to the boat hull. Made from closed-cell foam padding (30kg/m3), 40mm thick.
Custom Made Dodgers

Custom Made Dodgers

Yacht Chandlers are now able to supply dodgers. Our dodgers create a dressing for your boat and offer additional comfort on board with storage for your personal belongings. They also provide a comfortable back rest. All dodgers supplied have a two-attachment system for universal fitting on all boat models.

Porthole Protection

Porthole protection is consists of a meshed material which protects your windows from the marine environment.
For wintering a complete cover can be supplied to prevent external condensation due to extreme temperatures.
They are also designed to protect windows, windscreens and dashboard appliances from constant exposure to UV light, preventing fading on some units.

Before you make your inquiry please ensure that you have the following information available:

- Your boat model.
- Hull Number (May be shown as a HIN number).
- Description of covers needed.
- Do you require covers and a frame, or do you require replacement covers only?
- If you require a replacement unit, we will need you to send a picture of the aft deck of your boat to see existing layout and fittings.
- Your full delivery address for delivery quotation.
- Colour of material required (Please see below).

Please don't forget to enter as much detail as possible including the colour you require using the colour chart below.
Customising Your Choice

Customising Your Choice

For complete customisation, you can now choose the canvas colour at no additional cost. To speed up inquiries, you may want to include the colour of canvas in your first inquiry. Colours available are as follows:

Materials and Trusted Quality

Our suppliers only use the best quality materials available in the marine industry. Yacht Chandlers want to ensure that materials used are selected carefully to ensure it will keep its performance and aesthetic quality.
Treated Acrylic Fabrics

Treated Acrylic Fabrics

These fabrics have received the best treatment. The fabrics have a one-sided coating for waterproofing and "marine-grade" anti-mould treatment.
Their "traditional" fabric look enhances the sensation of comfort.

- Larger choice of colours now available.
- Unbeatable UV resistance.
- Very easy to clean with a brush and soapy water, rinse with clean water, no abrasives, do not machine wash.
PVC coated composite textiles

PVC coated composite textiles

Ideally suited for overwintering products (covers, canopies, etc.) and racing-class protections, these fabrics are the 4x4s of outdoor protection.
They exist in various weights, coated on one or two sides depending on their use, and are available in several colours.

- Great weather-proofing and UV resistance.
- Smooth and flexible, strong and reliable.
- Very easy to clean using a sponge, rinse with clean water, no abrasives, does not machine wash.
- Recyclable
Exterior Composite Material

Exterior Composite Material

Known as meshes, these technical fabrics allow air, natural light and water to pass through. Meshes have their place in numerous specific uses where they bring a touch of high-tech aesthetics.

- Very Easy to clean and very durable.
316L Stainless Steel Structure Frames

316L Stainless Steel Structure Frames

The 316L quality of stainless steel is reserved for marine use, for the most demanding products. The tubes are mirror polished and the welds chemically treated to prevent corrosion. Regular cleaning of stainless steel parts on a boat will extend their corrosion resistance.
Anodised Aluminium Frames

Anodised Aluminium Frames

On small motor boats, aluminium enhances boat performance (consumption, roll, etc.) On racing yachts, skippers demand aluminium.

Easy to dismantle aluminium structures do not hinder manoeuvres and are lightweight.

Technical and stylish, anodised aluminium (matt finish) is much appreciated for marine use:

Lightweight and corrosion-resistant in a saltwater environment.
Boat Covers Technical Solutions

Boat Covers Technical Solutions

Our Suppliers regularly develop technical solutions or components to enhance onboard comfort:

- Tensioning turnbuckle designs.
- Zytel joint designs.
- Bolt-on rope aluminium profile.
- LED lighting designs.
- Flexible photovoltaic panels.
- Smoked glass windows and blackout curtain designs.

Sailboat Cover Brands that Yacht Chandlers Can Supply

- 3 C Composite Boat Covers
- Alliaura Marine Boat Covers
- Allures Yachting Boat Covers
- Alubat Boat Covers
- Amel Boat Covers
- B2 Marine Boat Covers
- Bavaria Boat Covers
- Beneteau Boat Covers
- CNB Boat Covers
- Del Pardo Boat Covers
- Dufour Boat Covers
- Elan Boat Covers
- Etap Boat Covers
- Fountain Pajot Boat Covers
- Garcia Boat Covers
- Gibsea Boat Covers
- GL Composite Boat Covers
- Hanse Boat Covers

Our available ready-made covers, alternatively if you would like a bespoke cover and if your model of boat does not appear in our list, please do not hesitate to contact us on (01492) 338505 or alternatively, enter your boat details into our inquiries page and we will see if we can supply your required cover.