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Elan Boat Covers

Elan Boat Covers for Sails and Power Boats


Before you make your inquiry please ensure that you have the following information available
-Your boat model.
- Hull Number (May be shown as a HIN number).
- Description of covers needed.
- If a replacement unit, we will need you to send a picture of the aft deck of your boat.
- Your full delivery address for delivery quotation.

To make a Elan Boat Cover inquiry please click the button to the right, then follow the on screen instructions and fill out all fields. Once your inquiry has been sent, a member of our team will reply with a quotation.

All our Jeanneau boat covers are made to order directly from manufacturer.

Yacht Chandlers can supply boat covers for almost every Elan boat model. We specialise in boat covers for Elan Powerboats where we can supply all covers which we guarantee are made from the manufacturer template.
Elan Factory Made Boat Covers - Spray Hoods, Bimini Tops, Aft Closing Kits, Tonneau Covers and Console Covers are available for all Elan Boat Models.The addition of a cover to a boat can add space to living accommodation, protection for occupants and the boat itself. A genuine Elan Powerboat cover gives extended comfort for use in less favourable conditions. Our Elan boat covers are supplied to order from the factory manufacturer who also provides boat covers for most leading manufacturers including Elan.

Whether your yacht requires a replacement spray hood, or would benefit from a canopy, a genuine boat cover is a useful addition to any boat. Made from weather and sun resistant canvasses, all our covers are rugged and designed specifically for use in the marine environment.

Elan Bimini Top Covers

Bimini tops are available for both sailing boats and motor boats. They consist of a series of metal (aluminium or stainless) hoops that support a horizontal canvas. The Bimini top is designed to protect the cockpit area of the boat from the sun and light rain etc, and can be used whilst the boat is underway, though not at high speeds.

Elan Mooring covers

Mooring covers, or Tonneau covers as they are also known, provide protection for your boat whilst berthed or ashore. Typically used on open sportsboats and ribs, they cover the entire cockpit area and stop harmful UV rays from penetrating the upholstery and fibreglass and offer additional protection from rain and wind that can cause problems if left to accumulate over periods of time.

Elan Sprayhood

A very popular boat cover that offers protection to the helm and cockpit when the boat is moving. The sprayhood attaches to the windshield or forward cockpit with a single arch giving structure to the sprayhood held in place by rear tension straps. The sprayhood normally includes a clear window to enable safe navigation, and whilst open to the side and rear, provides good protection to crew and occupants from rain, wind and sun.

Elan Cabin Covers

A simple but effective cover for open sportsboats and centre console day boats that fits over the helm station and protects the vulnerable instruments and cabin entrance whilst the boat is not being used.

Elan Cockpit Covers

Available for both sailing yachts and motor boats, cockpit covers are similar to bimini tops but with added side and aft protection to effect a complete enclosure around the cockpit. Some attach directly to a bimini top enabling full headroom around the cockpit area when erected, whilst others use a sprayhood type arrangement which is complemented by side curtains and a sloping rear panel. Sailboat versions are normally only used whilst berthed, though modern versions are available for some yachts that enable them to be used whilst under way.

Elan Sun Awnings

Suitable for flybridge cruisers and wheelhouse type dayboats/fishers, the sun awning offers additional protection to the aft cockpit area by means of a canvas extension to the rear wheelhouse. A sun awning can often be transformed into a complete enclosure for the aft cockpit by the addition of side and aft panels, giving significantly increased space onboard that can be used in any weather.

Elan Aft Closing Kits

Aft and side curtains that are attached to either a sun awning or the aft section of the flybridge or wheelhouse roof to enclose the aft cockpit area. They can be removed as necessary to open up or protect the area as necessary and as such give a variety of options to suit any conditions.

Elan Fabrics | Colours

Depending on the type of cover and boat model, our covers can be supplied in a variety of canvas types and wide selection of colours. If replacing an existing cover, we can normally match the canvas with that originally supplied which makes integration easy. Similarly, if you decide to distinguish your boat with a specific colour scheme, we have a host of modern and vibrant colours to choose from.