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Marine Deck Shoes

Deck shoes are an essential purchase if you intend to be around boats or Yachts. Deck shoes offer comfort, grip & protection whilst being durable enough to withstand the harsh marine environment. The comfort, style and design of today's deck shoe is so good it's widely used as every-day wear.

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Sebago Deck Shoes

Sebago deck shoes are hand made in the USA for the boating and yachting enthusiast.
Sebago represents an authentic product who's designs are timeless. The original hand sewn dockside boat shoe hasn't changed since it was first crafted by them decades ago. Sebago is a celebration of everything from New England USA where life in, on or around the waters is in the country's tradition

The Sebago shoe company was founded in 1946 by three native New England gentlemen. William Beaudoin, Daniel Wellehan Sr and Joseph Cordeau. Their first shoe which was hand sewn, it was the Penny Loafer its design took inspired by a native Indian moccasin.

Sebago deck shoes are handmade by cobblers who still make shoes not only out of tradition but because of a desire to maintain a level of craftsmanship. It is this level of craftsmanship that makes Sebago Deck Shoes some of the finest shoes on both land and water.

Sebago deck shoes are hand sewn without any guide holes their expert cobblers create each shoe to be unique hard wearing and incredibly comfortable. The result is a handmade Sebago Deck Shoes classic that delivers uncompromising fit comfort and quality.

Therefore Sebago's legendary craftsmanship is cemented. Each of Sebago's shoes quality and character is made unmistakable with every single hand sewn stitch. Ensuring that what made them the best in 1946 continues to do so today.

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Sebago Clovehich

Sebago Clovehich

A mid-range weight Sebago deck shoe with breathable sides. A wide fit for the broad foot will enable many hours of comfortable foot wear.
Sebago Docksides and Schooner

Sebago Docksides and Schooner

Designed using one piece of leather which is oil coated. A heal kicker is integral to the stiffened hee and reinforced brass lace eyelets They feature a none marking, hand stitched sole and wider shoe aids provides comfort for the wearer.
Sebago Triton Three Eye

Sebago Triton Three Eye

A slightly heavier shoe with a cream soul. The lace is integrated to support the heel and sides of the shoe. A neat blue flash sets the Triton apart from the rest of the range. Available in Navy and Tan this is a Sebago.
Sebago Sloop

Sebago Sloop

Considered as the lace less schooner. It's a slip-on design that offers both comfort and quality The wearer can simply slip it on and off his foot. Incorporated in the design is an outer lace trim keeping in with the maritime theme.

Sailing Boots

Yacht Chandlers selection of waterproof Sailing Boots from Dubarry, Gill & Crewsaver.
We stock a great range of Wellington boots in various designs, Gill, Dubarry, Henry Lloyd and Gull Boots are amongst the best you can buy as they offer sizes such as extra wide as well as regular for extra comfort. Whether it is a to-the-knee, fully protective waterproof design, or a shorter deck boot to allow for greater freedom of movement we aim to have plenty of stock for the season.

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A Brife History of Marine Shoes & Deck Shoes

The history of marine shoes or deck shoes goes back as far as maritime history began. When aboard ship, men, women and children needed to have a shoe that could stand up to the rugged and sometimes brutal sea weather. A shoe needed to withstand the salt spray, sea air, heat and cold. On top of all this the shoe needed to be comfortable and give the wearer grip whilst aboard ship.

It is believed that the inspiration for the deck shoe originates from the Native American Moccasin. The moccasin was made from deer skin and was made from water resistant hide which protected the foot whilst allowing it to grip the wooden base of the canoe. The design was simple but very effective and to this day some manufactures still use the design such as Sebago.

Deck Shoes

The first deck shoe was designed by Paul Sperry in 1935. He was an ardent boater and wanted a shoe that would have all the characteristic of a moccasin but look more nautical.

The Sperry Top-Sider combined a leather upper-shoe with a herring-bone pattern of groves on the sole. The cutting of groves into the sole of the shoe gave the sole grip-ability on the wet slippery deck of the boat. This was what boaters had been waiting for!