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Honwave Inflatable Dinghies | Network Yacht Chandlers

Welcome to our dedicated Honwave inflatable dinghy web-page that gives you all the information you need about the choice, history, manufacture & use of these amazing dinghies.
We offer incredible deals and packages on the Honwave range, making them excellent value for money, ultra-reliable and tough.

Click Here to see our range of Honwave inflatable tenders or read on below for some hints & tips on choosing and using your inflatable dinghy:

Honwave Inflatable Dinghies

Honda Honwave inflatables are designed with a simple principle in mind; to offer the customer a reliable, easy to use & easy to transport inflatable tender to meet your requirements.

All the dinghies in the range offer high quality build and components. Ranging from 2 to 4 metres in length, Honwave Tenders come in multiple deck configurations: slatted, aluminium and inflatable. They're built for comfort, safety and reliability, but most importantly, they're built to last. Every boat in the range encompasses innovation using only the finest materials which means that they're always up to the challenge.

All Honda Honwave inflatable tenders have oversized tubes for maximum stability & flotation, reinforced keel and bottom tubes for extra protection. They also offer one-way drain valves for fast and safe drainage of excess water and top quality safety features such as safety handles, safety lines and wide exterior rubbing strakes. Their deep V hull design gives enhanced performance and manoeuvrability. All models come equipped with a fiberglass seat, an air pressure gauge for tubes, a foot pump, a repair kit and a storage bag.

Honda Slatted Floor Dinghies

Slatted floor inflatable dinghies make a lot of sense if budget and practicality are of importance. They are simple to use, maintain & transport. They also make ideal small tenders for larger craft. Benefiting from a host of technological and design features taken from their siblings, both the 2.0m & 2.5m versions have oversized tubing and high quality construction using European manufactured premium PVC which is lighter in weight than its competitors together with a host of standard safety features.

Honda Slatted Floor Tenders

The slatted floor Honda inflatable dinghies are easy to use, with 3 separate air chambers inflated via included foot pump or compressor. When the dinghy is laid flat for inflation, the floor slats are slotted inside the sleeves along the deck and this provides rigidity to the craft when inflated as they are held tightly in place by the tubes.


- Simple to use.
- Relatively light & easy to transport
- Cheaper than other options.


- Floors less rigid than other options
- No V-keel to offer handling & comfort benefits
- Limited to size/capacity (max 3 adults/440Kg)

Honda Air V-Floor Dinghies

The Air V-Floor (or Air-Floor) Honwave inflatable dinghies are the most popular range we sell, offering a reliable, lightweight & transportable craft with exceptional handling abilities. One of their best features is that Honwave dinghies contain very few solid parts (transom, oars) that make them perfect for storing aboard or packing away in the boot of the car. Far from compromising their rigidity and performance, the patented Honwave Air V-floor offers a stable and solid deck and due to its shape, a V-keel under the hull which affects significant advantages to its handling and performance.

Honwave Air V-floor Tenders

With the same high quality design features of other Honwave craft, the Air Floor versions come into their own because of their portability and ease of storage. The stability given in conventional inflatable dinghies by the slatted floor is instead provided by a 2-section inflatable chamber which incorporates both the deck of the boat and the keel below. This makes the boat lift higher out of the water giving much softer ride in choppy conditions and cushioning the impact of rougher rides.


- Lightweight & easy to stow.
- Increased capacity due to additional buoyancy from air floor.
- Handling characteristics much improved with V-Floor/Keel.
- Engine performance/economy enhanced by V-Floor/Keel.


- Deck is not "flat" due to V-floor design.
- Not ideal for heavy/commercial use.

Honda Aluminium Floor Dinghies

For those who take their boating a little more seriously, the Honwave aluminium floor models offer perhaps the highest specification and practicality, compromising only on weight. The basic design concept of the Honwave aluminium floor is like the air floor version but having a solid aluminium deck fixed above the Air Keel to give maximum rigidity & robustness. The deck clips together, unlike the slats in the slatted floor models, which gives a flat and stable platform from which to conduct your water activities.

Honwave Aluminium Floor Tenders

Honwave assembly is reasonably simple, interlocking the numbered floor plates together inside the dinghy and then inflating, remembering that this version also has an inflatable keel underneath the deck giving cushioning to the deck along with better handling performance than a flat bottomed inflatable.


- Stable and safe.
- Rugged construction for more intensive use.


- Heavier & less portable than other types
- More expensive than other versions

Honda Honwave Inflatable & Engine Packages

Get your Honwave inflatable tender and the recomended engine range simply and easaly at a discounted price with the Honwave Packages.

All tenders are matched with their apropriate engine range to remove the fuss from selecting the two seperatly. Giving you the peach of mind that you have the perfect engine for your tender of choice.

Click Here to view our full range of Honwave Packages
Honda Inflatable Warranty - The best you can get!

Honda Inflatable Warranty - The best you can get!

Every Honda Marine customer can expect the support of a domestic or professional warranty. It will maintain the same value throughout its warranty period. That means your last day of cover is as good as your first. We think that's unbeatable too!