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International Boat & Yacht Paints

International Boat & Yacht Paints

International is a brand with a long proud heritage of supply the highest quality products. They accommodate the leisure and commercial industry. Founded over 120 years ago, as the brainchild of two brothers with a shared vision, International Paint has become the one of the world's largest specialists in yacht coatings supply and technology.
Equipment Guidelines

Equipment Guidelines

Before staring your next job on the boat, or even beginning a project anew it is a good idea to think about your preparation, and the tools you will need to do it.
Below you will find a list of the basic tools you will need and their respective merits:

Use a scraper to remove old paint. Ensure you keep the tool sharp; it's a good idea to round off the corners to minimise the risk of gouging (an old rounded off chisel is a good alternative).

Generally, a medium pile roller is recommended for antifouling application, and a small cell foam roller for gloss finishes.

It is always important to choose a good quality brush, which is as large as you can comfortably use. A good brush is a good investment and should be cleaned properly after use.

Although international products are designed for easy application by brush or roller, many can also be spray applied but will require specialist equipment. Consult product data sheets for spray equipment recommendations.

-Stirring Stick
A suitable stirrer will be needed to stir the paint prior to use; an old screwdriver is not suitable for this job. A stirring stick is best. Remove surface dust with a dust wipe.

-Mixing Cup
Mixing cups with graduated mixing ratio indicators are designed to ensure the correct and precise measuring and mixing proportions of paints, activators and thinners.

Prior to painting, the target area should be masked off using a high quality clean-edged tape. There are two types available; paper masking tape which is suitable for antifouling, and high performance tapes which are suitable for topsides finishes and will prevent creep.

Angle grinders are used for grinding, polishing and cutting. With a wide variety to choose from, the most important factors to consider are the disc size and how powerful the motor is. The type of disc required will depend on the job being carried out.

- Sandpaper
When sanding, the amount of paper you will use will vary enormously. A very approximate guide would be one sheet per square metre of bare substrate, such as wood or glass fibre. It is always better to use a sanding block to achieve a smoother surface. For previously painted surfaces, half a sheet per square metre is a rough guide and rubbing down between coats will use a similar amount.

Please note: Antifouling must only be wet sanded owing to the toxicity of its content.

Below is a sample of our most popular International products and their applications:

Cruiser Uno EU

One coat antifouling designed for both power (up to 25 knots) and sailing boats.
* Single season's antifouling protection
* In most cases, there is no need to seal main stream antifouling schemes
* No need to sand before re-coating

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Micron Extra

Micron Extra is a high strength polishing antifouling that provides 2 seasons protection from just one application. (3-4 coats). Formulated with Biolux® Technology for controlled optimised biocide release, Micron Extra delivers extra protection even in difficult fouling conditions.
* Premium performance - extra strength formula
* Haul and relaunch without repainting
* Polishing System - avoids paint build up Can be applied up to 12 months before launch.

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Trilux 33

Reformulated to give improved protection and a brighter white, Trilux 33 is a high performance brightly coloured antifouling. Formulated with Biolux Technology®, the slow polishing formula helps avoid paint build up and gives effective fouling protection for up to 18 months. Suitable for all types of construction, including aluminium, Trilux 33 now has a lower VOC content that helps reduce environmental solvent emissions.
* Suitable for all substrates including aluminium and bronze.
* Suitable for propellers and boottops.

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Tarfree, quick drying conventional one-part primer for all substrates underwater. Can be used under all International antifoulings or as a barrier/sealer coat over incompatible or unknown antifoulings.
* Primocon prevents leaching of TBT from an underlying antifouling coating provided it is applied at a minimum dry film thickness of 80 microns (minimum 2 coats by roller) & that the film remains intact.

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Yacht Primer

Quick drying conventional primer for wood, steel and aluminium/alloy above the water. Pigments contain aluminium flake to provide an anti-corrosive protective barrier.

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Toplac is a premium gloss marine enamel for all substrates above the waterline. It is exceptionally easy to apply by brush or roller and pad and contains UV filter
for increased durability.
* Excellent flow characteristics
* Range of bright colours
* Its unique chemical structure enables Toplac to outperform traditional finishes giving a long lasting high definition gloss.

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Perfection 2-part polyurethane is the ultimate performing, high gloss topside finish. It provides the longest-lasting, ultra-high gloss finish that has superb colour retention, together with excellent chemical and abrasion resistance. It has been formulated specifically to enable skilled amateur users to achieve professional quality results with ease. UV filters combined with the chemical cure of the polyurethane give the longest life possible.
* Hardest, abrasion-resistant finish making it an excellent choice for use on high wear areas e.g. decks (with Intergrip additive).
* Chemically resistant to diesel, petrol, oil, mild acids and alkalis

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International Boat Care

International Boat Care

Marine Polish
Marine Polish is an ultra-fine grade polish with wax, for use on gelcoat and paintwork. Gives lasting protection and high gloss. For manual and machine polishing (800-1000 rpm). Free from silicone oils. * Protects against saltwater, sunlight, oil etc.
* Polishes to a full gloss surface that is easy to clean
* Does not discolour scratches
* Also suitable for use on the car, caravan or garden furniture

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Polish & Wax

Polish and Wax is a cleaner, polish and wax in one product. Used for quick and easy cleaning, polishing and waxing of oxidised gelcoat and painted surfaces. Free from silicone oils. For manual or machine use (800-1000 rpm).
* Quick and easy to work with
* Ideal for larger surfaces
* Full gloss finish achieved
* Does not discolour scratches
* Also suitable for use on the car, caravan or garden furniture
* Low odour
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