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Jeanneau Spare Parts

Jeanneau Spare Parts

Yacht Chandlers are able to supply you with a full range of Jeanneau parts and fixings. We have been working hard with Jeanneau to allow you to find the item that you require in the simplest way. Whether is being a screw or fastening to complete table units and panelling, Yacht Chandlers can source it for you. We can source boat parts for Jeanneau Sail Spare Parts, Jeanneau Power Spare Parts and Prestige Spare parts. All inquiries and quotations are completely free; even if you are curious to find out costs of parts, do not hesitate to ask a member of our team.

Yacht Chandlers can also supply Jeanneau Parts not only for recent models, but now also for historic models. We just need you to follow a few steps to ensure that parts you require are found, please ensure that you provide the following details:

-Boat Model.
- Hull or HIN Number.
- Description of parts required.
- Image of parts required.
- Quantity of parts required.
- Delivery Address.

Jeanneau Gelcoat
Yacht Chandlers can now provide you with a full range of gelcoats to match your particular Jeanneau boat. Gel coat is available in two forms, Jeanneau Gel Coat Paste and Jeanneau Gel Coat Spray. Both supplied in 1kg tins. All parts such as hardeners are available with each required unit.

Gelcoat paste is used for filling large defects and chips that may have appeared in your gel coat due to an accidental event.

The Jeanneau Gel Coat Spray is a thinner solution that can be supplied using a spray gun. This option is to be used if a thin smooth layer of gelcoat needs to be applied. We recommend that you source a professional in gel coat application before ordering.

Similar to Jeanneau parts orders, we require you to provide the following:

- Boat Model.
- Boat Hull Number/HIN Number.
- Application method.
- Delivery address.
- Quantities required.
- Colour currently on board. Providing your hull number will provide us with the original colour applied to your vessel, in case a new gel coat colour has been applied since purchase, we would like to check the current colour on board.