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Liferafts & Accessories

Yacht Chandlers supply Liferafts in various different shapes and forms depending on requirements. When looking to purchase a Liferafts you should consider carefully how many people you are likely to have aboard your vessel at any one time. It is important you ensure that you have the correct size Liferafts on board should you have to abandon ship. One of the main considerations is that you do not want to under-occupy a life raft with persons as this can mean in big seas the Liferafts can be prone to flipping over. Liferafts are also packed in two different types of storage, a valise and a canister. Valise Liferafts are basically a heavy duty holdall which is a bit smaller and lighter than canisters. A canister liferaft is made from a robust plastic container where the liferaft would normally be stored on deck, on the push pit or in a cradle. Please get in touch with us for more information and advice.