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Liros Rope

Yacht Chandlers Conwy provides the yachting community with the best quality ropes on the market. Liros rope is recognised as one of the world leaders in the manufacture of hi-quality, durable marine rope, warp and cords to suit all aspects of marine water sports from dinghy sailing to super yachts.

From the 10,000 sq m factory in Germany, Liros oversee the production from start to finish of their rope production ensuring excellent standards are maintained.
Liros has developed a unique new process called LIROS NCS. This is a Nano Coating system that enables Liros to improve the performance of the rope by protecting it from the effects of abrasion as well as UV degradation.

Liros have been manufacturing a large range of rope halyards, sheets and mooring rope for all kinds of yachts for many years. Liros is well known and a respected company in the marine industry.

Liros Rope are used for a variety of purposes and as such need to come in all shapes and sizes. The job for which the rope is to be used will determine which type and size is chosen.

Types of Liros Rope

The most common uses of ropes on board are:

Anchoring rope - securing the boat to the anchor/chain
Mooring rope - securing the boat to a pontoon/dock or mooring
Sail Control rope - sheets and halyards
Safety rope- rescue lines and throwing lines

To view our full range of Liro ropes please Click Here

The types of rope suitable for each job are explained in more detail below:

Mooring & Anchoring

Mooring and anchoring rope by Liros is easy to handle - Liros Squairline is non kinking 8-plait rope which is easy to splice and easily joined to chain. It is a high tenacity Polyester rope with excellent abrasion characteristics.

Liros have produced a rope that is highly elastic in a cover-core construction for mooring, anchoring and towing. Liros Handy-Elastic is a special construction and with the use of highly elastic fibres allows the line to be used in extreme situations, even without shock absorbers. It is abrasion resistant and made of 100% Polyamide

Sail Control

rope by Liros is very resilient and extremely multi-functional and is made of the highest quality. Designed especially for sheets, halyards and trim lines and suitable for yachts of every size, Herkules is a very durable and low stretch rope which can be easily spliced to wire.

This is by far the best choice for cruising yachts.

LIROS Top-Cruising rope has a very high tensile strength and is non-kinking, long lasting sheet that is made of 100% Polyester. Top-Cruising rope is ideal for use as mainsail, headsail and spinnaker sheets.

Saftey Line

Liros Nautic can be used as a Spinnaker sheet for dinghies or small keelboats as its soft, very light and easy to handle. It can also be used as a rope throw line because it floats; it's available in a choice of high visibility colors. Liros Nautic is made of UV-stabilized Polypropylene multifilament.